Linking of SYSDO and AutoGPS

Electronical logbook AutoGPS as an access terminal

AutoGPS (or also Motomon logbook) is our oldest and most successful project that has been in operation since 2005. During this time it became one of the most elaborate and the most popular systems for fleet management and processing of electronic logbook.

One of the most important functions of AutoGPS is a sophisticated warning system for a variety of events.

SYSDO can react to those warnings by recording an access.

A typical example is a pre-defined geographic area “workplace”, on which is connected warning “area entry” and “area leave”. The system can have set time interval and type of access. So in different parts of the day it can record another type of access (arrival in the morning, lunch break at noon, business trip in the afternoon and leave in the evening).

Thanks to this connection you gain another form of virtual terminal. This function is convenient for example for employees who spend a substantial part of the day in a company car.