For how big companies is SYSDO designed?
System is designed and ready for small and medium companies.

How many readers can be used?
The number of readers is unlimited.

How complex is the installation of a reader?
Readers are pre-installed and after connecting to the internet, the reader automatically logs into the system and reader is then ready to read fingerprints.

For how many employees is the system designed?
Number of users is not limited.

Can I connect SYSDO with accounting application of our company?
Yes, system is ready for a connection like that. We will contact the developer of your software and get everything ready.

Is there a solution for checking of attendance in terrain?
Yes, we can deliver autonomous standalone terminal that works on-line. If it does not have GSM signal, it works in off-line mode.

Can SYSDO be used without hardware reader?
Yes, part of SYSDO system is also virtual terminal. Its usage can be assigned to any desired user.

Does SYSDO include various shift operating?
Yes, several variants are pre-set, more can be simply added and edited.

What happens, if employee forgets to log in?
If he has a set-up work plan, system checks set range of arrival and in case of mismatch it sends e-mail alert. Then it is up to you, if those errors can be corrected by employee, or competent person with permission.

Does SYSDO include also different events than arrival and departure?
Yes, there can be unlimited number of those events. SYSDO has the most important already set-up (arrival, departure, break, business trip, WC, …)

How do I have to back-up data?
You do not have to back-up anything. SYSDO is a web application and system runs on our servers which are already running back-up. You do not have to worry about anything.

Can I check attendance, although I am not in the company?
Yes, SYSDO is based on a cloud system. Wherever you are in reach of the Internet connection, you can log into the system SYSDO.

Can I retrospectively change status?
Yes, everything depends on permissions.

Can I try out SYSDO?
Yes, you can try out SYSDO with our DEMO account. You can also visit some of our presentations, where our technicians will show you the possibilities of the system.