Attendance system SYSDO

SYSDO is an intuitive on-line application designed primarily for logging and processing employee attendance

Automatic attendance creation
SYSDO processes, based on set working plan, work attendance required for corporate accounting. Finished, processed reports can be saved in format that your accounting system is using. If that format is not included in SYSDO, it is very easy to implement it in.

Work plan
SYSDO allows both single and two-shift operation. The most common work shifts are pre-set and additional are easy to add or edit. Work plan is neatly displayed and days off are graphically marked in it – holidays, illness, business trips, maternity leaves and more. In simple table you will find displayed numbers of hours worked, hours that need to be worked and remaining days off.

Presence Manager
Or presence summary is an excellent tool for receptionist or operator. On one page you can see neatly listed employees, including photos. Thanks for color labels you can identify whether a person is present or not, his phone number, e-mail and the last time he left.

Most of the crucial and advanced features are set to be added as permissions. Each user can have set up individual views and access to certain data. SYSDO access is protected by username and a password.

Intelligent guard
SYSDO system monitors the work plans, and if at certain time exact user did not record appropriate event, or recorded event outside the plan (option to set time tolerance), the system alerts him, supervisor and at the same time stores the error in the system. Error correction is only possible with exact permission. After repairing any error, its event history is stored for possible review.

Overview of accesses
In SYSDO system there are neatly displayed accesses in time order and clear display of events. Events like arrival, departure, lunch, business trip, doctors appointment and more are already set. More events can be simply added including icons. The number of events is not limited.

Here is generated a variety of reports to many needed formats (monthly overview of company, single employee, overview of errors). Generated reports can be printed or saved in needed format to be processed in external accounting application.

Technical support
We have ready and set technical support for SYSDO users. Our technical support can be contacted via phone or e-mail.

Virtual reader
This is a web replacement of the hardware reader. Anywhere, where you can connect to the internet, you can login and record the event using an internet browser. Username and password are always required. Virtual terminal can be restricted to specific IP address, locality or computer to prevent abuse.

Always the latest version of SYSDO system without the need for data backup
A huge advantage of web application is logging into the most actual version, without the need for complicated updating or the installation of new plugins. You do not need to backup your data anywhere. We take care of all that and backup your data while running on the most modern servers.

Simple connection with external reader
Connecting an external reader is very simple. After connecting the reader (to the electric and internet networks) automatically logs into the system and is ready to be used. The number of readers is unlimited.