Attendance and access system SYSDO

Electronic access and attendance system

SYSDO attendance system is tailor-made mainly for small and medium businesses that do not want, or can not afford the expenses of installing servers and applications, which take care of attendance system. SYSDO runs online. Like other system of its kind, it monitors access and attendance of employees, but also offers much more options for both employers and employees.

Advantages for employers
  • Low startup and operating costs
  • Perfect overview of employees movements
  • Automatic creation of attendance reports
  • Improvement of work processes within company
  • Lifetime updates included in the subscription
  • Customization based on the customers wishes
    and needs
Advantages for employees
  • Own attendance checking
  • Easy management of time-off
  • Overview of presence and attendance of other
  • Highly intuitive interface
  • Applications for smartphones and tablets
  • Access from home and homeoffice

Poptávka - Máte zájem o nabídku? Demoverze docházkového systému SYSDO

Access readers

User identification via hardware readers

User identification is done via attendance terminals and sensors. Access is done through fingerprint, chip card or entering a PIN code. Most of the readers connect entry (record) with a photo, which in addition to re-verifying of access also helps to create a variety of reports.

Virtual terminal

Attendance record directly from pc, smartphone or tablet

Very popular tool designed to record access and attendance is virtual terminal. All communication is done via computer (smartphone or tablet). In this case, hardware reader is replaced by a web page, which is a part of application SYSDO. Verification of users is done by entering a password.

If the virtual terminal is used, there is no need to install any other hardware, therefore any additional costs are zero.